Volunteers Welcome!

From Friday night activities through Sunday’s brand-new Sabino ride, we welcome your help throughout the weekend!

If you’re interested in general volunteering, please contact Reunion coordinator Rachel Scudder at rps1@williams.edu to learn how you can help.

Here are some other ways we could use a hand:

Host a friday night activity!

We’re delighted to bring back Friday night activities — see the updates page for more information — and we are still seeking volunteers to help host! If you have an idea for a new activity, or if you’d simply like to lend a hand with an existing event, please contact Reunion coordinator Rachel Scudder at rps1@williams.edu.

donate an auction item

We want to showcase the work of our talented alumni in the Annual Scholarship Auction! Your donation to the Scholarship Auction will help future students experience the magic of Williams Mystic and showcase the diverse talents of our fabulous alumni community.

We welcome and would greatly appreciate donations of all shapes and sizes, from artwork to home-brewed beer, handicrafts to gift certificates, and everything in between. We’re especially eager to showcase the talent of our alumni family with hand-crafted objects, such as the donations pictured above (thank you to our donors!), or one-of-a-kind experiences. Please contact Volunteer Auction Coordinator Bridget Hall at bridgethall14@gmail.com if you are interested in donating for more information, and thank you!